Our Armenian Allies

By Charles Evans Hughes

[The Independent, June 23, 1917]

Probably at no time in the history of the world have there been so many fatherless and motherless children as there are today. Tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands in Armenia, Syria, Caucasus Persia, Mesopotamia and Palestine are not only without parents, but are without any strong parental government to give them the help and protection which orphan children of other lands enjoy.

American Consuls and missionaries cable the American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief almost daily regarding the situation. One message from the Russian Caucasus pleads for the support of 10,000 children at an average expense of two dollars per month per child. Another from Tifiis reports 40,000 children in one region waiting for an answer to a previous cablegram requesting help. Reports from other points indicate similar conditions. Among the many appeals it is possible for this committee to assume responsibility for only the most pressing cases, and it is upon these that the committee would focus the attention of the American people. Splendid help has been rendered the little ones in other lands, but these in Western Asia are no less human than those who have already been aided by American, charity. It is the duty of Americans, as well as a privilege to respond to this great opportunity and keep alive the best civilization that Western Asia has developed.

All expenses of administration for this relief are met privately so that every dollar sent to the committee is used directly by their agents in purchasing food for the needy who, according to the best advices and from audited reports, receive the full benefit of the funds sent them.

Out of the horror and nightmare thru which these people have passed comes the gratifying word that we can be of assistance; that our efforts will prove availing, and that we can share with these orphan children the bounty which we, as Americans, have enjoyed for years. The work done by this committee has been most unselfish and effective under conditions of great personal sacrifice. May America respond to their appeals.

New York City

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