In 2014-2018 the world marks the 100th anniversary of the most profound war in human history. In more than four years of brutal combat civilization was radically changed. The course of modern world history can be traced to the upheavals created by this Great War. From colonial arrangements, to political, social, and economic transformations, the War created a new global order. Gone were many of the old regimes as Empires and Tsars, Potentates and Princes perished. Gone was the aura of invincibility Europeans felt as they grapsed for international control.

The war was universal. From Japan and Canada to Brazil and Iraq, from sub-Saharan Africa and Australia to the United States and India men fought. And millions upon millions died—from the finest weaponry that modern science and engineereing could produce: machine-guns and poison gas, submarines and aircraft, long-range artillery weapons and tank warfare—and the ever-present trenches, those underground killing stations that quickly turned an offensive struggle into a stalemated defensive war that lasted for four years.

And when it was over, new players and new forces emerged from the destruction. The United States and Japan, the Soviet Union with its threat of international Communism, Arab nationalism, a welter of new nation states, colonial restiveness, even an internationalist League of Nations, and the emergence of mass man to political power—truly, a new social arrangement had been born.

To understand the scope and meaning of Great War within its context, this WORLD WAR ONE CENTENNIAL GALLERY offers 700+ magazine articles culled from major journals from the war years. This website is totally free of charge.

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A Novel of World War One
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The Headlong Fury

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