Table of Contents

Journeys: Jimmy Durante, the Merchant of Mirth 8/23/80
Journeys: The World and Music of Al Jolson 6/27/80
Journeys: Judy Garland, the Joy and the Sorrow 11/29/80
Journeys: Stan Freberg, American Wit 3/14/81
Journeys: Sex Symbol: The Story of Marilyn Monroe 2/7/81
Journeys: Baseball's Immortal Heroes 8/2/80
Journeys: The Broadcast Legacy of Edward R. Murrow 6/7/80
Journeys: Remembering Vic and Sade 7/19/80
Journeys: Those Great Radio Detectives 11/22/80
Journeys: The Wit and Wisdom of Fred Allen 9/12/80
Journeys: Radio Covers the News: An Historic Overview 12/6/80
Journeys: Superheroes of the Airways:
Champions of Children's Radio Programming
Journeys: The World of Ozzie and Harriet 4/28/81
Journeys: American TV: A Critical Assessment 12/13/80
Journeys: The TV Newscasters, Part I 3/21/81
Journeys: The TV Newscasters, Part II 3/28/81
Journeys: The Spirit of '42 6/13/80
Journeys: The Presidency: Historic Republican Voices 7/12/80
Journeys: The Presidency: Historic Democratic Voices 8/9/80
Journeys: Celebrated American Women 7/26/80
Journeys: The Korean War: Reevaluated 9/19/80
Journeys: Give 'em Hell, Harry
The Truman‑Dewey Campaign of 1948
Journeys: The Rise and Fall of Richard M. Nixon 1/24/81
Journeys: Camelot Revisited: JFK As President 4/4/81
Journeys: Concentration Camps, U.S.A.: Japanese-Americans during WW II4/11/81
Journeys: Protest and Counter‑Culture in the 1960s—Part I5/23/81
Journeys: Protest and Counter‑Culture in the 1960s—Part II 5/30/81
Journeys: The Western 6/20/80
Journeys: From Vampires to Slashers: The American Taste for Horror 5/2/81
Journeys: We're in the Money: Popular Culture in Depression America 10/24/80
Journeys: Steppin' Out: Night Life in America, 1900‑1930 9/26/80
Journeys: Chicago—A Portrait in Sounds 9/6/80
Journeys: The Culture of Anti‑Communism 2/14/81
Journeys: In Search of the American Hero 3/7/81
Journeys The Emergence of Youth Culture in the 1950s 1/31/81
Journeys: Wartime Propaganda: The Treasury Star Parade during WWII 5/26/83
Journeys: Popular Music Goes to War 8/30/80
Journeys: The Emergence of Rock and Roll in 1955 10/3/80
Journeys: Popular Music of the Teens and 1920s 6/6/81
Journeys: The Grand Ole Opry 12/27/80
Journeys: Generation Gap in the Age of the Jitterbug 5/9/81
Journeys: The Crooners 5/19/83
Journeys: Blacks in Radio—Destination Freedom, 1948‑1950 7/5/8O
Journeys: The Story of Paul Robeson 8/16/80
Journeys: Voices of the Civil Rights Movement—Part I l1/1/80
Journeys: Voices of the Civil Rights Movement—Part II 11/8/80
Journeys: Black Broadway: Blacks in Broadway, 1920‑1945 1/17/81
Journeys: Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber 5/16/81
Journeys: The World of Laurel and Hardy 10/17/80
Journeys: Bogie: A Salute to Humphrey Bogart 11/15/80
Journeys: Hollywood in the '50s 5/12/83
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