About the Series

JOURNEYS is a critical documentary series that aired in 1980-1981 and 1983 on WBEZ, the National Public Radio station in Chicago. A combination of historical sound bites and contemporary interpretation, each program offered an historical topic. It was written, produced and hosted by J. Fred MacDonald. Co-host of the show is Wendy Leff.

Occasional in-studio special guests included:

Lewis A. Erenberg, Loyola University of Chicago

Steppin' Out: Night Life in America, 1900‑1930

Popular Music of the Teens and 1920s

The Crooners

The Emergence of Youth Culture in the 1950s

Protest and Counter-Culture in the 1960s Part II

June Sochen, Northeastern Illinois University

The Presidency: Historic Republican Voices
The Presidency: Historic Democratic Voices
Celebrated American Women

Duke Frederick, Northeastern Illinois University

The Korean War: Reevaluated

Edward Robinson, Northeastern Illinois University

Black Broadway: Blacks in Broadway, 1920 1945

Gerald Nemanic, Northeastern Illinois University

Chicago—A Portrait in Sounds


Sterling Stuckey, Northwestern University

The Story of Paul Robeson

Carol Williams, Roosevelt University

Judy Garland, the Joy and the Sorrow
Sex Symbol: The Story of Marilyn Monroe


Charles Branham, University of Illinois at Chicago

Voices of the Civil Rights Movement Part I
Voices of the Civil Rights Movement Part II
Protest and Counter‑Culture in the 1960s Part I
The Rise and Fall of Richard M. Nixon

Nat Bilsky, Evanston Township High School

Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber
Baseball's Immortal Heroes

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